Sunday, September 29, 2013

French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee


I do love a good cup of coffee.  I’m the first to admit though, that first thing in the morning, I just want to chug down some quick caffeine and get my day going.  At those times, I’m not doing designer coffee; I’m not adding extra calories with cream and sugar, it’s just pure unadulterated caffeine.  I’m actually trying to cut down a bit.
I own a French Press, and it’s bright Red!  I love colorful items, and it makes my heart happy.  I recently was able to demonstrate how easy and thoughtful making coffee in a French Press can be.  It’s not difficult.  It takes a bit of time, and there is a feeling of ritual.  Slows down the mind, body, and soul, and let’s you relax and be in the moment.  I need to do more of this.
Today, most coffee’s will tell you what the proper brew temperature and time is on the package, and they do lots of testing and research, so I try to follow the package.

Simply scoop the rough ground coffee of your choice into the bottom of your French Press. 
Add the water;
Stir with a wooden spoon




Let set for about 5 minutes



Press the plunger down slowly

Pour a great cup of coffee




That’s it.


I have to start doing this more often


Enjoy your coffee today!  Enjoy your day!

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