Sunday, March 3, 2013

Smoothies at Rylee's Ace Hardware

On March 2, 2013 I got to spend some time at my favorite hardware store, Rylees Ace Hardware on Michigan Ave, in Grand Rapids, MI.  A hardware store, well, if you follow me around, I do a few demonstrations there.  A hardware store? 

Yes a hardware store!  Owner Lori has the best kept secret in town, a house wares department that is unbelievable!


I was filling in for Chef Kathleen – she was in Florida for a trip, and ironically my daughter Jenn was here for my spring break! 


I was working with Chef Kathleen’s Vitamix making smoothies and discussing ingredients!  Some of my participants are watching their health, and diets, and we had a great time reading the labels.  I made all of my smoothies allergy friendly (well for most) – they were gluten free, soy free and dairy free – using coconut milk and water, and pomegranate juice!


Here are some of my fans Bob and his wife Ann (on the left!)  Of course we really didn’t follow a “recipe”, we decided to play around with the ingredients as I brought spinach, kale, fruit, avocado, honey, agave, and ginger!


We started with the “greens” as I call them.  Incorporating those dark rich leafy green vegetables, and then some banana and pomegranate juice.  It wasn’t very friendly looking, in fact Ann had to close her eyes to taste, but all agreed that it was pretty darn good!


We then went to avocado, mango, banana and peach, my favorite.  We added lite coconut milk, and I’m thinking that I might try this mixture in my new ice cream machine; it was really tasty, and thick.  Of course you could thin it out if you like.


With the Vitamix, it has loads of power, and mixing everything up, easy as eating a piece of cake!

I don’t know, all in all it was a fun hour of creating new and healthy smoothies!  What’s your favorite smoothie?


We have raspberry, mango, banana &in  the back  kale, banana & pomegranate and way in the front avocado, peach, and mango!  Yum.

Hope to see some of you at one of my next demo’s at Rylee’s!  Check out my facebook page for more information on Events!

Chef Terri Rees


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