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So some of you may wonder “why Tuxedo Junction Catering?”  I get – do you rent tuxes? 



The name goes back a ways, in the mid 70’s to the 80’s I played keyboards in a working band.  One of the tunes we played was Glenn Miller’s Tuxedo Junction – released in 1940.   It’s a fox trot for those of you who know how to dance!  I originally disliked the tune, as my mentor Johnny Kik (rip) had me play it on the accordion over and over and over again I was about 10 years old!  Johnny taught me many things.  How perfect practice makes learning easier, customer service, how to treat people right, and mostly that if I get to play 5% of what I want to play, and I play 95% of what people want, I will be successful.  Why is that important?  I listen to you my clients, and give you the food you want!  I’ll suggest some items I think might be great, and we determine your menu together, so it’s just what you want, and presented the way that you want it.


The words in Tuxedo Junction are about a jazz and blues club, where good friends come to “dance the night away”.  It’s about finding good people, fun and friendship.  It’s about being greeted “at each function in a tux.” 


Tuxedo Junction Catering, llc is all about having great food that you my clients love to have!  It’s casual and elegant. It’s whatever you the client wants to have.  It’s taking all of the pressure off you the host, so that you can “forget your cares” and have a great time at your event.


So that’s why the name Tuxedo Junction Catering.

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  1. LOVE it! I actually never knew the meaning behind it and I'm your favorite daughter!!!