Friday, February 21, 2014

Unique Team Building Experience




Having “grown-up” in the corporate world for over 25 years, I remember with some dread the infamous team building events.  Remember the “let’s fall backwards into somebody’s arms, or the “yes everyone golf’s” and “really, we’re going to play “who is that character posted on my back so I can get to know you?” 

I invite you to let FOOD bring your employees together.  I can help you create a unique team building experience – from mystery chopped baskets, a luncheon or dinner, hands on cooking class, or any combination we can think of!  Flexible, fun, and satisfying – you will have a unique and hilarious food fun, and a great way to build steam spirit for corporate groups of 10 – 20 employees.


The best part is your team will reap the rewards by enjoying the fruits of their labor! 

Let me, Chef Terri, help you design a new and unique team building experience! 


Chef Terri Rees
“a personal chef experience”




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