Thursday, May 9, 2013

Metro Health Farmers Market

Opening day at Metro Health Farm Market
Center of the market, what a gorgeous day!


I love this market!  It’s close to home (I could walk, but this trip I didn’t!), they have lovely vendors, it’s not too big or crowded (yet), and it has really nice vendors! 

Last year I got to share the market with my mom several times, she’s 87 now and living in Florida with my older sister.  This visit, I really missed her, she grew up on a farm, and did organic gardening, before it was a “hip” term!  I remember the cow manure coming to the house on Groveland Ave, and it stunk up the whole neighborhood.  We forgot about it as kids, when we got to harvest all of the veggies.  More times than not, lots of it went into our mouths and not into the baskets and bags for dinner!  We didn’t worry about germs, dirt and bugs (well that’s not true; we all hated the bugs, except for my sister Sue!)

My mom would talk with the vendors, and taste a bit, and if I was lucky let me buy a few goodies for her. 


This year I went to scope it out on opening day – just to see what’s there, and I had the day off!  It’s going to be another great market!  I love the honey, and oils, and fresh veggies!  Little kids running around, and this year there was live music!  And I knew the song the guitarist was singing, The Tennessee Waltz!  I’m sure not to many of you know that song! 

I was looking at all of the hanging baskets, and fresh herb plants!  Oh how I wanted some, but I haven’t really planned out my garden space yet, this weekend I will and then – watch out, I’ll be buying some!


If you get a chance, check out your local farmers markets!  There are lots of them around town now, and nothing beats knowing where you’re food came from and talking with people who lovingly grew, gathered, picked and harvested your food.



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