Sunday, April 14, 2013

Home grown in Michigan

Grown in Michigan &  cooked in Michigan!


How much more local can I get for today’s dinner?  Steak from Byron Center Meats (rib eyes), Michigan grown potato’s and Jeff’s Corn, that was grown near Manistee and loving preserved in two portion bags!


Oh, and the grill that I’ve been complaining about and want to replace.!  Why you ask?  Well take a look at these two steaks.  Both on at the same time, both the same size and …….welll you get the idea.
Both in the center of the grill, both with definetly different coloring!  Yowser!  I need a new grill!

I’m searching for my next, and hopefully last grill and there is so much new technology out there, that well I’m frustrated, so I decided to grill dinner.

I want you to notice the steaks.  One is crispy burnt, and the other hasn’t got it’s carmelization yet!  That’s because, even though my grill has new briquettes from last year, it has never, ever had an even heat.  I realize the edges of the grill will be cooler, but come on now, the center of my grill?



Rib Eye Steaks with caramelized onions, baked potato (with crunchy skins, not the soft soggy kind!) and Jeff’s family corn – that’s what dinner is all about!  The corn was bagged and frozen last September and the rule in the Jeffery Rees family, you can’t get into it, unless it snows first, and then it’s fair game.  We tend to grudgingly dole it out, in fact we shared some on Easter Sunday with my sister Sue and her husband Phil! 

Even with the grill issues, dinner was lovely, and even the dogs got a little bite.

Next week, I promise a real recipe. 

Chef Terri Rees



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